Payment methods

Advance Payment

To use this method, transfer the amount of your order in advance and we'll ship your order, normally within 72 hours of receipt of payment. Please transfer the full amount with the order number to the following account:

Grafschafter Volksbank
Account holder: Stoffe Brünink & Hemmers GmbH
Account number: 1072828701
Routing number: 28069956
IBAN: DE08280699561072828701


You can pay just as securely with PayPal, our partner for direct, free of charge online payment. PayPal can be used by anyone who has a bank account or a credit card. To pay using PayPal, simply select PayPal as your payment method during the order process. Next, login to your personal PayPal account with your email address and your PayPal password and confirm the payment amount. We regularly receive payment confirmations from PayPal and your order can be processed immediately.

Important: We will only ship your order after receiving the PayPal payment confirmation. Thus, depending on the payment method in your personal PayPal account, it can take a few working days until PayPal confirms receipt of payment. If PayPal cannot confirm receipt of payment within nine days, PayPal automatically cancels the customer's order.


With SOFORT Banking you can pay easily and securely with your usual online banking login data. No registration required.


Moneybookers is the fastest and simplest way to pay online. Pay with a credit card, debit, bank transfer, giro pay, or with the Moneybookers e-wallet. For your security, payment information is not forwarded to online shops.